Swimming Lessons

Turtles (Toddlers)

Parent and Child Aquatic Level 2

Picture For toddlers from 18 months to 3 years, parental involvement required.

In the Parent and Child Aquatics level 2 classes we build on the skills learned and confidence gained in the level 1 swimming classes.

Through focusing on increasing the children’s confidence, safety awareness and encouraging independence in the water, all children will gain new skills that will help them to progress into the Learn to Swim swimming program.

As teachers we will work with the parent and child to teach breath control, floating, independent propulsion and submersion to pick up objects of the pool floor in a fun, enthusiastic and safe environment.

In every class we will encourage children to learn and practice these new skills, through different activities and games. Positive praise and high 5’s are our main tools to help these children to succeed in learning these new skills.

In the later stages of these classes we encourage the children to work more with us as instructors, and develop their independence in the water so they can get to a point where they can have lessons without a parent in the pool.

Water Safely skills are very important at this stage so we will work together to teach all children to take turns, wait safely at the side of the pool and to use correct entry and exits from the swimming pool.

Each child will progress and develop at different levels and as instructors we will always make sure that every child is working within their own capabilities.

We believe that by keeping the children engaged and challenged in a fun environment they will build up a good basic foundation that will kick start there swimming success in the next levels.

At the end of this level the expectation is that the children should be competent in the following skills:

  • Enter water in a seated position—rolling over and sliding in
  • Enter water by stepping or jumping in
  • Water entry using a ladder
  • Water entry using stairs
  • Exploring the pool (in shallow water)
  • Using side of pool to exit (no support)
  • Using a ladder to exit (no support)
  • Opening eyes and retrieving submerged objects
  • Bobbing
  • Monkey monkey along the wall
  • Front float
  • Front glide
  • Front glide to the wall
  • Back float
  • Back glide
  • Roll from front to back
  • Roll from back to front
  • Passing between adults
  • Drafting with breathing
  • Kicking on front
  • Arm action on front—reach and pull
  • Combined arm and leg actions on front with breathing
  • Kicking on back

Safety Topics

  • Wearing a life jacket in the water
  • Reaching assists
  • Basic water safety rules review
  • Safety at the beach and at the waterpark
  • Water toys/flotations and their limitations