Swimming Lessons

In General

  • We want to teach every child that comes to us how to swim and safely enjoy the water. This will always be done in a fun, safe and caring environment so that each child can develop their confidence and swimming skills at their own pace.
  • In Singapore our children are surrounded by unfenced water dangers every day, so all of our instructors believe in teaching children to be safe in and around the water.
  • Because we want children to learn to propel their own bodies through the water and understand how to float, we do not teach lessons using flotation devices such as water wings, bubble belts, life vests etc. Instead we want them to learn how to “swim” so that they develop a love and healthy respect for the water.
  • A good basic swimming foundation is crucial to your child’s success in becoming safe and proficient in the water, so we ask that parents be patient and allow your child to develop the basic skills needed before they move on to the more complicated strokes.
  • We believe that children succeed when they are having fun so our classes are always run with that in mind.
  • As teachers we will encourage all children to step outside their comfort zone to progress further along with their swimming skills. This will always be done with gentle persuasion and positive praise.
  • Swimming in a group has many benefits, such as watching and imitating what the other children are doing, learning to take turns, waiting safely, and giving and receiving encouragement from others.